While he's already known for insightful and profound music, make room for Jonathan's first full book. Allowing Jesus to live some place other than church is a new idea for some, even for believers. Contemporary Christianity has taught us that Jesus lives at church, so we tend to simply leave him there. Making room for God means so much more than whether or how often you go to church. It is the room that you give God to operate in and through your life. It's the time, energy, and identity you allow Him to use, challenge and redeem. 


"Just as Jonathan’s music has for years, this book gets to the heart of the matter for his generation. Make Room, the album and the book, speak to the Christian veteran as well the newest convert. None of us can afford to squeeze God out, and I appreciate Jonathan for beautifully shining light on how we all may do just that.” PASTOR JOHN HANNAH, NEW LIFE COVENANT CHURCH

"Make Room is a powerful, witty, and riveting challenging to bring Jesus from edges and outskirts of your life to the most influential centerpoint of guidance and control." SONGWRITER & ARTIST, PASTOR CHARLES JENKINS, FELLOWSHIP CHICAGO

"Make Room is not merely a book title, but a call to action for all God's people! make Room is a must have with a message everyone needs to hear! DR. JOSEPH L. WILLIAMS, SALEM BIBLE CHURCH